Winter by M.P. Powers

The city’s gone quiet.
A crow is nailed to the door of the cathedral.
A trumpet lay dead
                among turnips and sparrowhawks.
The city’s gone quiet.
No longer can the love-arrows
remember the tango
                dancers along the Spree.
Sombre obsequies aggrieve the bed-springs.
                The Pierides has frozen over.
The elderly Turkish ladies
have taken cover under seaweed
                and Venetian lace.
And the pigeons keep vanishing.
And the poor keep appearing.
                And the moon’s tangled up in a fisherman’s net.
And the city’s gone quiet.
An accordion lay dead
                among hubcaps and butterflies.

M.P. Powers
M.P. Powers was born in Illinois, bred in Florida, and is now based in Berlin. More info here:



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