December 1st 1966 by Adrian Manning

the cleveland cops
came to the asphodel
with a warrant for
jim lowell

they took him away
along with a bunch
of books by
levy, taylor, atkins,
some fellow called bukowski
and the 465 anthology
that they considered

the only warrant they had was for jim and narcotics
so he offered up his
scotch and cigars

but they took the books
– the opposite of
narcotics –
heightened the senses
accentuated the pain
and woke us up

those cops knew

they should have
reached for nirvana
it was staring them
in the face

Adrian Manning
Adrian Manning is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet from Leicester, England. His latest chapbook is “13 Poems From The Edge Of Extinction” published by Crisis Chronicles Press in the USA. He is also the editor of Concrete Meat Press.

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