I Didn’t Say I Didn’t Love Him by Vicki Iorio

He promised me a lady’s pearl handle 22
if I married him. I am all thumbs and used this
excuse for killing the thumbs off plants
trying to grow in spite of me.

Next time you’re in Cleveland look up Jimmy
the best man
at my wedding, living
an Andy Hardy life
with his Jewish wife in Shaker Heights

which I hear is da bomb
like Long Island’s North Shore or the Hamptons
tony without Tony, my Italian husband

who thinks hydroponic tomatoes are the work of the devil-
only shit in the soil can grow the real thing. He makes
his own wine and plucks figs from the tree in our
Brooklyn backyard.

You think this is as idyllic
as being the wife of a sheep herder
who looks like Liam Neeson on some island dot
off the thumb nail of Scotland.

After ten years of marriage
he wants to do me doggie style on the living room floor
while he watches the Mets
(my therapist call this the marital tipping point)

He calls it a double header matinee.
I call it a matinee with a manatee with no humanity.
I’d like to slit his cock open with a glass shard from my chardonnay
but he belts me first and I cool my shiner with a frozen steak.

Hedda Nussbaum didn’t leave Joel Steinberg.
I am buying a bus ticket to Cleveland.
Jimmy’s wife said she’ll set me up in an apartment
with furniture from her basement
and a cuckoo clock that does not judge.

Vicki Iorio
Vicki Iorio is the author of the poetry collection, Poems from the Dirty Couch, Local Gems Press, 2013 and the chapbook, Send me a Letter, dancinggirlpress. You can read Iorio’s work in Hell strung and Crooked, I Let Go of the Stars, (Great Weather for Media), The Brownstone Poets Anthology, The San Pedro Review, The Mom Egg, Crack the Spine, The Painted Bride Quarterly, The Fem Lit Magazine, Redheaded Stepchild Magazine, The Paper Street Journal, Poetry Bay, Home Planet News,Concise, Cactus Heart, Rattle on line,South Florida Poetry Journal, 521 Magazine,RatsAss Review, New York Times, blog site, Poetry Super Highway, Eratio Poetry Journal.

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