Simon, The Baby by Daniel de Cullá

Simon the baby

Simon, the baby, asked his father:
What happens in this World
Where crimes and death takes over?
There is no place in the Globe
Where hatred does not flourish?
A church, a mosque
Where their gods do not take to kill?
They say that Cain killed Abel
With an Ass Jawbone
That Delilah made Samson impotent
Cutting his hair and something else
That all fascist governments
Need human blood and flesh to survive
Especially from contestants and comedians
Young people
That’s why they kill, kidnap and imprison
Right, dad?
Rivers and seas are spaces
Contaminated by foul and bloody lava
Fascist & Mystic Lava
From humans turned into cannibals
By the grace of a God and a Caesar.
The innocent are always killed
To be pasture of the fascist Herods of turn
While their scorts and candlemen
As monsters of prey
draw their limpet tongues in Syria,
Iraq, Afghanistan
And all the other nations
Right, Dad?
“Yes, Simon, it is the plain truth.
Son, Study and love Nature and all the living
it only saves us with the Science
and the Reason.

Daniel de Cullá
Daniel de Culla (1955) is a writer, poet, and photographer. He is also a member of the Spanish Writers Association, Earthly Writers International Caucus, Poets of the World, and others. Director of Gallo Tricolor Review, and Robespierre Review.

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