The Dictatorship of Dull Mornings by Gary Priest

the deflowered sun cowers
in the corner of a greystone sky
as the days shorten into the tormented
last breath of a fallen empire
the night arrives blitzkrieg style
accompanied by a propaganda moon
and the stars are subjugated by
the jackbooted heel
of cumulus goons
with lover’s hearts now under curfew
by wind chill and freezing fog
cupid has been interned and certified
as a dangerous ideologue
there are bonfires of love sonnets
cheered by frosty academics
and the carousels of romance are dismantled
by ice cold mathematics
the dictatorship of dull mornings
and sub-zero afternoons takes hold
yet it soon gives way to the night’s doctrine
where loneliness and dread unfold
there are no kisses of resistance
and no insurgent calls to another’s arms
this is the hopeless season
of cruel denuded landscapes
and nature’s suicidal charm

Gary Priest
Gary Priest

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