For Just An Hour On Sunday by Mikel K

Sometime’s life’s not fair
but i don’t care
i just got new underwear.
I asked a lesbian if
she wanted children
she said yes
but not with me.
Oh, I’m so pretty
pretty empty
I’m so empty
won’t you fill me
up with something.
You got to believe
you got to conceive
what must we achieve
before we are gone?
In our house we didn’t
believe in God
for just an hour on Sunday.

Mikel K - Copy
Mikel K is a poet and memoirist living in Atlanta, Ga. K was voted best Atlanta Poet three years in a row, by readers of Creative Loafing, Atlanta’s weekly newspaper. He has a BS in English with a minor in Journalism from Georgia State University. He drank his way out of Florida State University one class short of a business degree. You can buy a copy of Mikel K’s book of poetry, Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself, at You can buy a Mikel K’s stunning memoir, The Delivery Guy, at mikelkpoet

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