Kill—Is Okay by Isabelle Marlene Serna

“Die Die, Why Won’t You Die”
shined shoes—golden belts
march our men—women
send our troops
War! Kill! Die!

Crisp Solemn Serious
follow your Orders
hear me
trumpets bellow

This is our Social Order
Honor Tradition Sacrifice
we’re fine
kill—is okay
for our Country
America’s Armour
suit—armour, our
kill—is okay

Government say
War is Peace
nation. government. world
No—You speak Lies
solemnly cruise
our bed of death

Stuck in our minds
aren’t we. You love with guns
heal with bullets—share with hate
hug with murder—kiss with death
sex with kill—touch with blood
We are married to war
kill—is okay

“burn in hell”
beating heart say
“stab me! kill me!”
an easy death, please

every soul you take
you dig your own grave
Death claws on your spine
You are their weapon
a bullet—a gun—a grenade

please the Devil, for God
will not pardon
your mistakes

“send our troops to war”
we send our troops to Hell

Stuck in our minds
aren’t we.
kill—is okay

Isabelle Marlene Serna
I.Marlene Serna was born in 1996 in Dallas, Texas and currently lives in College Station, Texas. She is a young, American writer who has written poems and short stories. She is a student at Texas A&M University- College Station, Class of 2019.

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