A Lapse in Time by J.B. Stone

How we clasped or our days of youth
Like a locket of our regrets
Stuck in the “what could’ve been” time in our lives

How we still gasp at our own crossroads
Trying to be shocked when we know we shouldn’t
Because failure is always the toughest pill to swallow

How time can lapse as we start to forget certain moments
Once held dearest to our minds and hearts
Now fading recollections

J.B. Stone
J.B. Stone is an emerging performance poet/writer, originally from Brooklyn; now residing in Buffalo, NY has showcased his works at Music Is Art Festival 2015, Who’s It 716: Battle of the Genres, 100,000 Poets & Artists for Change, Pulse Poetry Slam & Open Mic, Toronto International Poetry Slam, and Pure Ink Poety Slam & Open Mic. In addition, Stone has poetry already featured in the Occulum and Anti-Heroin Chic and flash fiction featured on 121Words.com, Summer Collection Vol. 2.


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