Kidd’s Work Is Never Done by Jeff Bagato

There’s oranges in them hills
sniffed out by Honeybee in a Tricky
Dick mask, his nose working between
the petals like a complete
breakfast of porno movie never
made, and when Kidd whistles, bee
comes flying into the big house
for a snifter of brandy as sucked
out of the cop’s cruiser on a bad
beat through jungle dark enough
to petrify any cracker in his peanut
butter shoes, and it’s all downhill
from there as Ladylou hits the town,
and Kidd gets wind of a time before
contraception blues, hops the bee
to center square finding lordosis
in progress, and takes his place
like running from the sun setting red
behind cobalt clouds in piles
like oceans dying and being reborn—
“There goes the neighborhood,”
whisper blinded neighbors
in lick suppression psychosis, but they’re
wrong, they’re wrong—it’s not going
but coming, now, like the bee’s
stinger through a brick wall or the
holy bodies of the Civil War
dancing under harvest twilight

Jeff Bagato 2
A multi-media artist living near Washington, DC, Jeff Bagato produces poetry and prose as well as electronic music, glitch video, sticker art, and pop surrealism paintings. Some of his poetry has appeared in Empty Mirror, The Five-Two, Rusty Truck, Futures Trading, Otoliths, and Your One Phone Call. His published books include Savage Magic (poetry), Cthulhu Limericks (poetry), The Toothpick Fairy (fiction), and Dishwasher on Mars (fiction). A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at


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