Burn Ward by Mia Bauer

The cup runneth over
Scorned emotions
Scorch the ones standing closest to the open flame
3rd degree burns
Equates to a trip to the infirmary
Get admitted
Get patched up
Get on with it
These lesions and scars will eventually heal
Maybe not
Sometimes the skin grafts won’t take
Sometimes the nerve damage is too great
Most times the hurt is too deep
This emergency room works overtime
Putting back together even the most severe cases

Mia Bauer
Mia Bauer is a poet, author, and makeup artist. Has been featured in “Within Darkness and Light” (London Anthology for Suicide Prevention). Has written short stories, poems, and a cosmetics book. Native Texan, but has been known to call Los Angeles and San Diego home at times. Currently fabulous while in the South. Married to fellow writer Cole Loren Bauer.


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