A Moscow Bang by John Anthony Fingleton

It started as a bad day,
The minute I awoke.
I knew it was the vodka;
Because, I had passed up on the coke.

I took the sheets and pulled them up,
Tight around my head,
Did you ever get one of them days?
When you wished that you were dead?

It was then I felt a movement,
And whispers on the phone,
Although my head was splitting
I thought, ‘ Christ I’m not alone’.

I chanced one bloodied beady eye,
With great effort turned my head;
And saw this gorgeous creature,
Lying next to me in bed.

Now everything was pounding,
Except my bloody dick,
Tried moving towards the edge –
I now was feeling sick.

Then, I heard her moving
And walk across the floor;
Going into the bathroom,
I thought ‘please don’t slam the door’.


Everything was just a blank,
Nothing came to mind,
Except that bolshi Russian,
Who kept singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’
(some of you might remember him)

I heard the toilet flushing,
The shower turned on full force;
If my head could just stop throbbing,
I might think of who she was.

Then, I remember people dancing,
Throwing glasses in the fire;
And that stripper from Belarus
That took off her whole attire.

I heard the handle turning,
I rose up in the bed a little more;
While the hammers playing in my head,
Said,’ please don’t slam the bloody door’.


Her long blond hair, a small black dress
Worn high up on her hips,
Although my eyes were groggy
I could see she had great tits.

‘You English, you are nothing!’
She gestured with her hand (V),
‘You cannot fuck or anything!’
‘You have just a little man!’ (>)

With one final degrading remark,
She tossed her head once more,
But by now, I was really hoping
That she would slam the door.


I lay there for a moment
Then started laughing fits;
This day might still turn out ok,
She thinks I’m a bloody Brit.

John Anthony Fingleton
John Anthony Fingleton: He was born in Cork City, in the Republic of Ireland. But has spent most of his adult outside of Ireland… Lived in the UK, France, Mexico. He is at present in Paraguay. He speaks English, Gaelic, French and Spanish, as well as a splattering of African dialects, but mainly writes in English. He has been writing for as long as he can remember. Poems published in journals and anthologies in, Ireland, UK, USA, India and France as well as three plays produced. Poet of the Year (2016) Destiny Poets International Community. Poems read on Irish, American radio as well in Spanish on South American broadcasts. Also on some blog poetry websites. Contributed to four books of poetry for children. Has poems are published in numerous national and international journals, reviews, and anthologies. He uses the name Löst Viking for family historical reasons.

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