Poems From Invulnerable (III) by Sean Burn

post heart attack & fine
almos sang across two hospital
night-time attack & after
no dignity an elderly livin dementia
forced to take meds unaid
con-dem marchin us back to wigan pier
rather than sing one the truly
social/ist britain-europas great-values
welfare state – nhs to arts council
heart in countdown live
invulnerably as poss
write(riot)-singe out
love&rage right to ends
temperature @ which data burns?
suicidal & psycho aye but another
poem’d be nice right to ur ends
pen to paper, finger to keyboard
pencil to notebook arthritis & too many
beatins walls punch night(ly) t/errors
speakin up ur duties

Sean Burn
sean’s last volume of poetry – is that a bruise or a tattoo? is still available from shearsman press. http://www.shearsman.com/ws-shop/category/841-burn-sean

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