Saturday by Ruth Deming

Some Jews choose to celebrate
Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.
Mom is one of them.

I cannot say for sure if there’s
a God or not. But there are a
number of godlike creatures
here on earth I do celebrate.

The long-necked giraffe,
The thick-barked maple tree
growing in my front yard
Dappled leaves that plunge
to the ground,
My neighbor Zeke who just
learned to ride a bike at 7

And sipping on a cup of pumpkin tea
hot and spicey as it slides
all the way down. I do hope
God or his affiliates are pleased
with me in my one-stop
adventure here on Planet Earth.

ruth deming
Ruth Z. Deming has had her poetry published in lit mags including Literary Yard, River Poets, Blue Bonnet Review and JonahMagazine. She lives in Willow Grove, a suburb of Pennsylvania in the US of A.

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