The Skyway by Whitney Bell

We got in a tequila fight.
I’m talking lemons and salt
though I don’t remember
where we were drinking
tequila, except that it was
my little Florida town and
we drove over the skyway the next
day and talked about where we might
have gotten married had
we made it; and I wish I could
remember why you were mad at me
except this was after you lied and
before you lied again
and I always thought you had these brilliant
communication skills.

You flirted with my coworker and
she said, he’s cute, and this was
after the musician but before my college
reunion and
I see it
first hand
It was winter, again.
But it turns out—(what were we fighting about
the tequila night? ) I know

I didn’t take you to
any of my spots because the boys
would be there, you know
the guys –and why were we even—
whenever we
it wasn’t even like us
to drink

Whitney Bell is the author of High Street to the Indigo Dream (Green Sea Publishing, 2017). She likes dark coffee, road trips, and staring at the ocean. Learn more about her at

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