Sea dogs by Mike Zone

mysterious Amerikan knight woman
sea dogs at her feet
punch-drunk, shipwrecked on the island
offering waves, phallic foam
coral reefers- echo boom
sploosh- goop- fwoosh
fing-fang-foom eruptions
salt caked ragamuffins with little boy fantasies
dream storm babies sitting atop a broken mast
Quentin rubbing lantern oil on Bob’s back
Bob nervous in the groin
sighs uncomfortably.

Michael Zone is the author of Fellow Passengers: Pubic Transit Poetry, Meditations & Musings and Better than the Movies: 4 Screenplays. His work has been featured in Because Eileen, Dead Snakes, Horror Trash Sleaze, In Between Hangovers, Sick Lit Magazine, Three Line Poetry, Triadae Magazine and The Voices Project. He scrapes by in Grand Rapids, MI

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