Ahead at 07:45 by John D Robinson

‘You’re addicted to prescription
opiates, you smoke hash and you’re
an alcoholic: how do you carry on?
how do you think it makes me
feel?’  she said as we were getting
ready for work:
I grinned and then started softly
‘What’s so funny?’ she asked
‘you’re going to drop down with
a heart-attack: what about cutting
back on some of this?’
I stopped laughing and shook my
head: ‘It works okay for me’ I said
‘but I’ll think on it’ I said
.Okay be sure to do that’ she
told me as she headed out of
the house aiming for the day
ahead at 07:45.

john robinson

John D Robinson is a UK poet and publisher, editor: his chapbooks include ‘When You Hear The Bell, There’s Nowhere To Hide’ (Holy&intoxicated Publications 2016) ‘Cowboy Hats & Railways  (Scars Publications 2016) ‘Damned Dirty & Dangerous’ with Ben John Smith (Holy&intoxicated Publications2017) ‘Looking Down Both Barrels’ with Adrian Manning (Holy&intoxicated Publications 2017): his work appears widely and frequently in the small press and online literary journals:
As a publisher: Holy&intoxicated Publications has published chapbooks by:
Bradford Middleton ‘A Life Like This Ain’t For The Feint Hearted’
Bradley Mason Hamlin ‘Zen in the Art of Drinking’
Martin Appleby ‘Worse Things Happen at Sea’
Gerald Nicosia  ‘The Ghost of Kerouac & Other Poems’
The Poetry Card Series is an irregular publication and has featured:
A D Winans: Gerald Nicosia: Bradley Mason Hamlin: Adrian Manning: Janne Karlsson:  Rob Plath: Alan Catlin: John Grochalski: Ally Malinenko: Wolfgang Carstens: Ben John Smith: Paul Tristram: George Anderson: Amy Huffman:  and many more:  Series 5 will appear some time in 2018:
Illustrated Broadsides with
Janne Karlsson:
Martin Appleby:

He is the editor of the forthcoming ‘tribute’ to the poet Steve Richmond ‘Poems-For-All’ Series:

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