Birdkind by Sudha Srivatsan

I see a hedged fence
Trotting alongside
A stallion disoriented

A grumpy chaffinch watches
In habitual frolic his kin
Negotiate warm clouds

Rolling over a crimson patch
Like an alliance eternal
A clement denial

Overshadowed by peccable wrinkles
Ponceau and crimson befriend
An ochre envy wricks the sky

Pinching the wind unheeding
Dealing a knavery on the barn owl
To have its downy feathers

Sink in water
And what mankind could not
Birdkind taught me

Sudha Srivatsan was born and raised in India. Her work has appeared in a range of journals including Commonline Journal, Tower Journal, the Germ Magazine, Carcinogenic, Burningword Literary Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, Bewildering Stories, Leaves of Ink, Mused Literary Review, Subterranean Blue, Corner Club press, BlazeVox, MadSwirl, Postcard Poems, Sheepshead Review among others. Her work was also selected to be part of Storm Cycle’s 2015 Best Of anthology.

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