A Bolt of Heaven’s Cloth by Peter Magliocco

She climbs the open grave
of time, whistling back at you
a plethora of rhymes & riddles
sinking into the backside
of desecrated abandoned statues

a fungus of graffiti runes
etched into fabric of skins
later sewn into souvenirs
sold at rural train stations,
her hair remains a holy relic

finer than any hagiographic finds
men weep into the whistling wind
of her forgotten songs
the sin-bearers sing odes to
under the dwindling sun

mourning becomes Electra
still weaving with light
cast over victims in
obsolete electric chars
her ghost now burns into

like a needle in dead minds
she illuminates the birth
of naked gods

Peter Magliocco
Peter Magliocco writes from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he occasionally edits the lit-zine ART:MAG. He has forthcoming poetry in HARBINGER ASYLUM, POETRY PACIFIC, MIDNIGHT LANE BOUTIQUE, and elsewhere. His speculative sci-fi novel The Burgher of Virtual Eden is now an ebook available at all the usual places.

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