Poems From Invulnerable (V) by Sean Burn

walkin to bob dylan. halcyon gallery. art. we walk & walk. we walk & we walk. eventual to be told yes this is still london

downstairs conversation
– its a nice frame
– very
– this is a good deal
– pounds?
– yr gettin a nice price & a very nice frame thrown in
– sterlin?
– were the ones losin out to yu
– i’m sorry?
– post-brexit. exchange rates. we’re the ones losin. out
– it is a very nice frame

some painting titles
tribute to barb(ed) wire

& so down to dylans metal
here castin incredible shadow
go ask sales assistant
how much for this shadow?
this shadow?

yesterday queues for tube-lift. crowd in shuffle forward. in fill & ascend. so shuffle-us on. lass ahead glues to screen shuffle-doorway. smartphone & in screenglow she (bare) stands buffeted by open – close doors. open close she is buffet. open close open – she is buffet. & the voice-over please do not obstruct doors. please do not obstruct. please. vid ends she pushes door / way / out

some more painting titles
ban(ne)d new leopard skinned, pill-box fat
chaining lipways
tributary ov barb wire
grit meet oyster
where (some) wor(l)ds end

Sean Burn
sean’s last volume of poetry – is that a bruise or a tattoo? is still available from shearsman press. http://www.shearsman.com/ws-shop/category/841-burn-sean

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