Lovely Dreams by Mitchel Montagna

I cannot sleep
because I fall
into a dream
as beautiful

as summer fields,
the aqua skies
and streams are clear,
the sun is high

above the hills
that line the plains,
a breeze rolls down
as sweet as rain.

The petals spark
like polished jade,
the sunset blinks
and stirs the shade.

We see the light
is fading there
while whistling winds
blow through our hair

so that we laugh
and wail and seethe,
we’re sure the air
is ours to breathe.

I’m driving through
a dimming dome,
with air enough
for me alone,

the moon comes up,
the breeze turns cool
through lovely dreams
of lonely fools.

Mitchel Montagna
Mitchel Montagna is a corporate communications writer for a large professional services firm. He has also been a special education teacher and radio news reporter. Publications include White Liquor Journal, Naturewriting, The Penwood Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Amarillo Bay. He is married and lives in New Jersey.

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