The Lonesome Cowboy by Grant Guy

The lonesome cowboy
Was lonesome because he did not drink.
Even his horse laughed at him,
“What kind of cowboy are you?
Can’t get drunk enough to fall off your horse.”

It was then the lonesome cowboy
Gave up the ranching life.
Moved to the big city.
Became an accountant for a large firm.

Died an alcoholic in 1907.

Last words: Trigger. Trigger.

Grant Guy is a Winnipeg, Canada, poet, writer and playwright. Former artistic director of Adhere + Deny. His writings have been published in Canada, the United States and England. He has three books published; Open Fragments, On the Bright Side of Down and Bus Stop Bus Stop. He was the 2004 recipient of the Manitoba Arts Council’s 2004 Award of Distinction and the 2017 recipient of the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Making A Difference Award.

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