Biblical Landscape Of The New Grand Canyon In Two Blueprints – Engine 1 by Nate Maxson

The maze fades out where the forest meets the river,
And the music fades in
Where the forest cuts to mud
They blew up the museum last night and seven gold sarcophagi landed face up in a Stonehenge pattern
Half open
Sarcophagus, the word is Greek
And is composed of two parts
Sarco, meaning flesh
And phagus
Meaning consumer
Much like anthropophagi, a word meaning cannibals: eater of men
Flesh eater
We who disappeared into this
Hear them out there, moving in the shrinking labyrinth: faced in gasmasks
I’ve seen them, impossible with machetes in the fog
Cutting down the trees from inside the very miracle
We huddle against the water
The edge/ the crucifixion truce
And one night a boat came floating past
With music coming from inside it
A second reminder, I was watching the caskets: waiting for them to open when it happened: for a night the chainsaws like crickets against the green went quiet
A piano on the water, moving on to some future
The Egyptian word for it was neb ankh, meaning possessor of life: this was a nocturne, a night song
For one night the music was exhalation, was enough
Dreamed war from an instrument of black wood turning a mask over the preserved occupying regent: nocturne
Night song, froze to cave notes scratched on rubber trees
Let this be our plural amen against steam, magic words to ward off the dead from the dying: not yet, nocturne, oh my night song they are cutting down the trees
Turn, night, sing:
Nocturne/ nocturne/ nocturne

Nate Maxson2
Nate Maxson is a writer and performance artist. The author of several collections of poetry, he lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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