Curving by A.J. Kaufmann

hey, gatekeeper
keep the change
hey, pacemaker
curl the paste

cut a poem
into the mural
sign a petition with a slow soul

pace is same thing here,
so is belief

/side street journals
high heel click/

damn,& if religion guides you, may it shine
cause whatever guides you,
& dawns are happy mirages
of your girlfriend’s car

why crave your serious philosophy
it’s yesterday’s

its shine is of no use to
gleaming butterfly

& guides are rarities

these days

A.J. Kaufmann 2
A.J. Kaufmann is a modern Polish poet, songwriter and musician. He’s the author of “Siva in Rags” (Kendra Steiner Editions, 2008), “Broke Nuptial Minds” (Virgogray Press, 2009), “Hosannah Honeypots” (KSE, 2013), and other poetry chapbooks. He blogs at, and his music/audio site is He’s also the founding member of Säure Adler, and their most recent album is „The Aumega Sessions” (Aumega Project, 2018)äure-adler/. He is also a member of the Poznań, Poland underground collective KakofoNIKT, whose video can be viewed at These poems are from the upcoming „Viers Ze” chapbook (Huxley Invisible, 2018), which is an anti-war, love-song, camp sci-fi-based collection currently in the works.

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