Blue Flower In A Vase by Bill Nevins

we see today that we shall die!
the children, marching, sing
as they mourn their murdered peers
dull bullets in their eyes
no thought of tests nor careers
they will waste no more time in fear

I would leave you
if I go
perhaps a blue flower
bent in ice water
perhaps a song to sing
when there is no more cash

Bill Nevins
photo by Jeannie Allen. Bill Nevins lives in both Albuquerque and Angel Fire, New Mexico, USA. His poems have appeared in Green Left Weekly, Walls, Maple Leaf Review and other publications, and in his collection “Heartbreak Ridge and Other Poems” (Swimming With Elephants Pubications). His cultural journalism has appeared in Z, No Depression, NM KIDS, RootsWorld, US Guardian, and other publications. He visited Ireland most recently in 2017.


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