Days Gone By by Mike Zone

in poverty
all you have
is space and fixation
compounded with isolation
furthering sexual desolation
giving rise to savage and unyielding frustration
even in the most primal and immediate form of fulfillment
can mean many things
without ever getting anywhere
could be prose or statement of momentary inspiration
funny how with time and insomnia…
set on edge by rapid stomping, trampling
above, near midnight
and the howling retard mother
causes her child to weep
so she may be entertained
tired in despair
vessel on high alert
push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups
berries and hopefully shit
before sunrise
before the bus arrives

Michael Zone is the author of Fellow Passengers: Pubic Transit Poetry, Meditations & Musings and Better than the Movies: 4 Screenplays. His work has been featured in Because Eileen, Dead Snakes, Horror Trash Sleaze, In Between Hangovers, Sick Lit Magazine, Three Line Poetry, Triadae Magazine and The Voices Project. He scrapes by in Grand Rapids, MI

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