The Hours by Brenton Booth

Life isn’t about
what you can
it’s about what
you can live
I think laying in
bed at 11am on
a Wednesday
a 6 hour early
mark from
the sun shining
and my stomach
groaning for food
thinking about the
girl at work that
recently got on the
meth hard
I always wanted to
fuck her
and one night nearly
though she’s fucked
herself now
and I know there’s
nothing I can do
about it
buildings growing and
birds talking in the
telling me things I
wish I could understand
while the old men sit
on milk crates under
street signs
and the children ride
imaginary horses to
far away places
and I keep telling myself
everything will be alright.

Brenton Booth
Brenton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia. If you want to read more of his work check out his book ” Punching The Teeth From The Sky” with the following link

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