Invoking a Deeper Sun by Dan Raphael

Open up your jaws of light
so that creamy thick saliva can transform my wind scabbed flesh.
all week the harder it blew the faster i ran
sandals made from salvaged dozer tread
self-inflicted aerodynamic holes all through, strategically missing

Organs and rivulets of blood, sweat and distillery
you never know what will come out of these faucets
hanging from my back, butt  and calves. Several times a day
i pray facing the wind—at rare calm moments i shudder
at the approaching evil i’m unprotected against—
when i try to draw it the paper turns to sand,
when i scratch images in the dirt i disturb the sleep
of ants and snakes, ill tempered  and thirsty.
The grass i slept under is todays cape, unlike supermans
its meant to keep me on earth,Of earth, a postman of seeds and larva,
never anything you ordered but something always arrives

The swallows were watching Top Gun last night, laughing their feathers off
at the stiff and slow maneuvers, revved today with snide jollity
as they weave & sudden among each other, starting and stopping
as if rungs in the air, a multi-floor grocery of insects, grit and wind-born news,
a pentagon drone recording til it almost crashes from dizziness,
its operator flashing back to the acid trip during training when he was a jet-swallow
with color vision and an I pod of slash metal and amphetamine guitar,
his heart in a circular, double kit—semi-automatic roto toms,
enough pedals to keep a tarantula occupied, stepping out of his skin
to sink his jaws into clouds and exchange his venom for visions

For a couple decades I’ve been active in the Northwest as poet, performer, editor and reading host. Everyone in This Movie Gets Paid, my most recent book, came out June 1st from Last Word Press. Current poems appear in Otoliths, Rasputin, Mad Swirl, Oddball & Unlikely Stories.

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