Camera Obscura by Michael N. Thompson

Self-crowned kings and queens
preside over graceless avenues

Lip service is paid
with post-dated checks

Karma chameleons
enter the arena
to be kings for a day

Meat puppets waiting for their close-ups
are oblivious to the shell game

When the thrum of paradise turns to static,
rainbow’s end burns worse
than a coat-hanger abortion

Modern day Nabakovs
gaze at lolitas in paper crowns
marching in a funeral procession
from the depot to the boulevard

Their bodies crack with each step
like whips on cold leather

The camera obscura
loves ripe upstarts

Michael N. Thompson likes bacon, fantasy football and Doctor Who.  His poetry has appeared in numerous literary journals including Word Riot, Toronto Quarterly and San Pedro River Review. He is the author of four poetry collections. His fifth, Days Of Swine And Roses, will be released through University Of Hell Press in 2017. Michael is currently at work on a crime fiction novel.


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